Martin Kneebone

Director, FRESHlogic

Martin Kneebone has a detailed understanding of the Australasian food market and supply systems. He has worked on both sides of the Tasman and in the supply and retail sectors, including a number of years as General Manager for Fresh Produce with Coles Myer where he oversaw a reorganisation of the supply chain. His company, Freshlogic, has offices in Melbourne and Brisbane and specialises in providing timely and state-of the-art market intelligence, particularly in relation to the supply chain and fresh foods. The company also offers a service to guide suppliers in their dealings with major corporate buyers. 

Our Experts

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Dr. Melinda Muth

Managing Director

Melinda is an educator and consultant who specialises in personal and team effectiveness, principally with senior executives and leadership teams. She has designed and deliver...

Simon Kelland


Simon Kelland is the Chairman of Streamwise Learning and Managing Partner of Scotwork Australia, the local arm of the world’s leader in negotiation skills training. Since its ...

Paul Stevens

Development Leader / Mentor

Paul Stevens has over 40 years experience in Banking and Financial Services operating in the frontline and in a people development leadership capacity. He has extensive experi...

Lex Dwyer

Business Forum Facilitator, Corporate Fitness Service

Corporate Fitness Service business forum facilitator Lex Dwyer has been refining his craft for over 25 years. That is, enabling accelerated learning for individuals and teams ...

Prof. David Hughes

Professor of Food Marketing, Imperial College London

Dr. David Hughes is Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at Imperial College London, and Visiting Professor at the Royal Agricultural University, U.K. He is a much sought-afte...

Lisa Smith

Minds at Work

Lisa Smith is the driving force behind the Minds at Work unique “Problem Solving Program” in which role she has been sharing the organisation’s thinking strategies with corpor...

Rob Irving

Founding Partner of Forté Communication / Director, Impact Asia Pacific

Rob is a highly experienced executive, speaker, pitch and performance coach and facilitator of customised workshops and off-sites. He is founding Partner of Forté Communicati...

Emily Mantilla

Communications / Marketing Professional

Emily is a highly skilled communications and marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience in a number of sectors including food and agribusiness, local government, no...

Jayne Gallagher

Market Development Professional

Recognised nationally and internationally for her work, Jayne is an international business and market development professional. She has extensive experience working in food an...

Michael O'Keeffe

Principal, O’Keeffe and Associates

Michael O’Keeffe has considerable international experience in food business strategy, value chain management and facilitation of retailer-supplier relationships. He is Coordin...

Martin Kneebone

Director, FRESHlogic

Martin Kneebone has a detailed understanding of the Australasian food market and supply systems. He has worked on both sides of the Tasman and in the supply and retail sectors...

Helen Johnston

Marketing Expert

Helen is a marketing and creative design professional with experience in a variety of food, beverage and government sectors. For the past five years she has been working with ...

Bob Selden

Program Facilitator

Bob Selden is the Managing Director of the National Learning Institute and has over 30 years’ experience working in the area of management and training. He has qualifications ...

Dr. Keith Stacey

Consultant / Facilitator

Keith is an experienced consultant, facilitator and trainer with over thirty years of varied experience in Australia and overseas. Keith’s experience encompasses strategic pla...

Tristan Kitchener


Tristan is an ex-retailer, having previously held senior positions with Sainsbury’s (UK) and Coles supermarkets, and is now a management consultant providing advice and suppor...

Michael Craner

Trainer / Facilitator

Michael has over 30 years experience in human resource management, learning and organisational development and consulting. He has developed strong and innovative capability in...

Dr. John Morris

Founder, Produce / Meat / Food Executive Programs

John Morris is the founder of the Produce, Meat and Food Executive Programs. He has extensive global experience in retailing and food marketing. He has worked as a senior exec...

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