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The benefits of personal resilience training

Posted: November 15, 2019 at 2:43 PM

A study from the Harvard Business School has found that resilience training can help significantly reduce depression, anxiety and presenteeism (employees working while sick) in the workplace. This is significant as 'for every worker with a depressive disorder, a company loses an average of 32 productive workdays per year. Depressed employees are also four to five times more likely to experience work-related problems than employees with chronic physical illnesses like diabetes or heart disease.' Read more about the findings from the study here.

At Streamwise Learning we offer a 1 day Personal Resilience workshop that helps individuals and teams perform well, respond to challenges, and recover from setbacks. The program includes activities that integrate health, fitness, humour and team collaboration to create a high performance state both mentally and physically and provides detailed information about the application of wellness principles to behaviour and business performance issues.