Personal Resilience

Resilience helps people and organisations perform well, respond to challenges, and recover from setbacks. Resilient people are able to reflect, be flexible, and to keep themselves and their teams in order to sustain strong performance.


This is an engaging, business-savvy learning experience offering both substance and fun, grounded in proven processes that demonstrate how executives can deliver high quality outcomes for their teams and organisation. Executives need to create the conditions they and their people require to stay alert and connected – and we show them how to do this by experiencing it for themselves.

The program includes activities that integrate health, fitness, humour and team collaboration to create a high performance state both mentally and physically. We provide detailed information about the application of wellness principles to behaviour and business performance issues.

Who Should Attend

Managers who have responsibility for a team or business unit, and those in fast paced environments where change and the ability to learn quickly are a constant challenge.

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Key Dates

No current sessions.


Sydney / Melbourne


1 day.

Program Fee

$895 plus GST per participant.

Early Bird Offer: Get 7% off if you register more than 2 months before a program start date.

Please enquire if interested in holding an in-company program for your team.

Key benefits

  • Understand the link between physical condition, behaviour and high quality decision-making
  • Gain insights from a ‘wellness diagnosis’ to understand how to manage energy and avoid burnout for yourself
    and your team(s)
  • We will provide detailed information about the application of wellness principles to real business performance
  • You will experience a simulation of cross functional team collaboration that translates learning into