Presenting With Impact

Communicating and presenting with impact matters more than ever before. Presentation skills are crucial for success whether you are presenting to your boss, your peers or potential clients.


Public presenting is a challenge for many people, especially when everyone is time poor, impatient, and glued to their phones.
This program teaches how to communicate and deliver presentations in a way that captures attention, engages audiences and influences others. We focus on authenticity - using your strengths and natural style to build confidence so that you can be at your best when presenting in a range of forums.

Who Should Attend

Executives and emerging leaders who must communicate beyond their own teams both internally and outside the business in key meetings, conferences, or boardrooms.

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Key Dates

Melbourne 2019 : 2 Oct - 2 October 2019


Sydney / Melbourne


1 day.

Program Fee

$895 plus GST per participant.

Early Bird Offer: Get 7% off if you register more than 2 months before a program start date.

Please enquire if interested in holding an in-company program for your team

Key benefits

  • What makes pitches or presentations great – and not!
  • Power of storytelling – in 30 seconds
  • Pitch process unpacked and pitch mapping
  • Art of response management
  • Audience engagement, confidence and dealing with nerves