Trust: Persuasion & Influence

A dynamic results-focused skills program focused on the effective use of interpersonal communications to generate power and influence in a business setting.


Trust: Persuasion & Influence builds lifelong skills enabling participants to communicate effectively and become more influential. It teaches a practical system for recognising different behaviour styles and engaging with all types of people, ultimately helping participants to build sustained, long term win/win business and personal relationships.

This program is based on Persona Global's Persuasive Communicator program which has proven to be one of the world's most effective interpersonal communication skills courses. More than 2 million people in 72 countries have attended this workshop.

Who Should Attend

- Professional services teams who need to influence and want to build trusted relationships with their clients.
- Managers that need to effectively communicate with and lead teams of people.
- Account managers dealing with high-value clients.

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Key Dates

No current sessions.


Sydney / Melbourne / Zoom


1 full day/2 half days (Masterclass) or 1 half day (Essentials)

Program Fee

Essentials (half day) Program: 

$440+GST per person in house (minimum of 8 participants) or $450+GST for open enrolment

Masterclass (1 full day or 2 half days):

$870+GST per person in house (minimum of 8 participants) or $895+GST for open enrolment

Please enquire if interested in holding an in-company program for your team.

Key benefits

  • Learn how to recognise the communication style of anyone you engage with and how to adapt your own style for maximum impact.
  • Develop a Game Plan for communicating more effectively with a specific ‘problem individual’, usually someone you fail to engage effectively.
  • Learn how to build trust, project empathy and coach effectively, leading to reduced friction and greater co-operation.
  • Recognise the important interpersonal dimension of client relationships and the sales process for greater sales success.