Best Practice Decision Making

We are all impacted by cognitive biases in our decision-making. Confirmation bias, pattern-seeking, anchoring, overconfidence and other biases cause sub-optimal decision-making both strategically and interpersonally.


This is a practical workshop that teaches business leaders to make better, more rational decisions with a greater awareness of cognitive bias. We teach first principles thinking and a decision accountability model that brings clarity to the decision process. This ultimately enhances business strategy and commercial discipline, drives employee engagement and connectivity, identifies emergent risk issues, and maximises the benefits of diversity in teams.

Who Should Attend

Executives and emerging leaders responsible for key business decisions.

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Sydney / Melbourne


1 Day.

Program Fee

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Key benefits

  • Understand what cognitive biases are and why they're so important for critical thinking.
  • There is often no "right" decision - understand how to make good decisions quickly.
  • Understand how to harness diversity in team decision making.