Strategy & Risk Skills

Understand strategy and make better choices

We deliver workshops on strategic planning and commercial acumen that can be run on their own or as part of integrated leadership programs. Our expert facilitators utilise experiential learning activities to help current and emerging leaders learn how to set goals and make effective strategic choices which reduce risk and generate sustainable success.

  • market-analytics

    Gain insight into key market movements and emerging issues.

  • business-partnership

    Adopt key workplace risk-management strategies.

  • contract

    Understand the frameworks that help identify strategic choices

  • brain

    Develop strategic thinking and commercial acumen

Strategy & Risk Programs

Strategy and Commercial Acumen

Creating and executing an effective business strategy is essential for any business leader. Equally important is an understanding of how the marketing, sales, production and financial considerations come together in order for the strategy to be effective.

Duration : 2 days in person or 3 half days online
Cost : $1,595 +GST (Zoom) or $1,795 +GST (in person)
Location : Sydney / Melbourne / Zoom

Best Practice Decision Making

We are all impacted by cognitive biases in our decision-making. Confirmation bias, pattern-seeking, anchoring, overconfidence and other biases cause sub-optimal decision-making both strategically and interpersonally.

Duration : 1 Day.
Cost : Please enquire for a quote.
Location : Sydney / Melbourne
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