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2023 Harvard Club of Australia Leadership Programs

Streamwise Learning is partnering with Harvard Club of Australia to present: Growth Strategy in a Dynamic World.

Now in its 24th year, the Harvard Club Australia Program for Leaders is an annual five-day residential executive education program for senior management, presented by Harvard Business School Professors using the famous Harvard Business School case study method.  

In this course for senior executives, board members and seasoned investors, Harvard Business School Professors, Mihir Desai and Felix Oberholzer-Gee focus on one of the key challenges of leading and evaluating companies today? How do executives best allocate talent, capital and their own time when we know so little about what tomorrow will bring?

Throughout the course, the two faculty will introduce tools and techniques designed for sound strategic decision-making in the face of significant uncertainty. What is the most effective way to judge the health of your company? When do the numbers tell only half the story? Can you really see "around the corner?" Is it ever safe to ignore the heard? Through a mix of case study discussions, interactive lectures and hands-on exercises, course participants learn to become more effective stewards of their companies.

For further details please go to the HCA website at the link below:

HCA Annual Program for Leaders (3-8 September 2023)

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