Companies in the defence industry face unique challenges, including reliance on a single customer, value creation, responding to tenders, and supply chain management. We can help you adapt by developing insight, commercial acumen, coaching, decision making, and communication skills.

We run targeted skills programs and design and facilitate tailored programs for companies. We have 3 years experience running a multi-modular senior leadership development program for the Australian arm of one of the world's largest defence contractors. This program helped train their senior leaders to think more strategically and thrive in the unique defence industry environment.  

World-class programs developing resilience, leadership and communication.
Gain experience operating in diverse cross-functional teams.
Coaching and mentoring from experienced industry facilitators.
Problem-solve for unique defence situations and challenges.
Defence & Industry Programs

Strategy and Commercial Acumen

Creating and executing an effective business strategy is essential for any business leader. Equally important is an understanding of how the marketing, sales, production and financial considerations come together in order for the strategy to be effective.

Duration : 2 days in person or 3 half days online
Cost : $1,595 +GST (Zoom) or $1,795 +GST (in person)
Location : Sydney / Melbourne / Zoom

Leader as Manager Coach

Effective leaders know when to manage and when to coach and how and why they are different skills. Participants will learn and practice the knowledge and skills required and be able to apply them on the job from day one.

Duration : 2 days.
Cost : $1,495 + GST
Location : Sydney / Melbourne

Trust: Persuasion & Influence

A dynamic results-focused skills program focused on the effective use of interpersonal communications to generate power and influence in a business setting.

Duration : 1 full day/2 half days (Masterclass) or 1 half day (Essentials)
Cost : $895+GST per person (for open enrolment Masterclass)
Location : Sydney / Melbourne / Zoom

Leading High Performance Teams

Comprehensive people skills workshop that helps teams reach their full potential.

Duration : 2 Days.
Cost : Please enquire for a quote.
Location : Sydney / Melbourne

Best Practice Decision Making

We are all impacted by cognitive biases in our decision-making. Confirmation bias, pattern-seeking, anchoring, overconfidence and other biases cause sub-optimal decision-making both strategically and interpersonally.

Duration : 1 Day.
Cost : Please enquire for a quote.
Location : Sydney / Melbourne

Presenting For Response

Communicating and presenting with impact matters more than ever before. Presentation skills are crucial for success whether you are presenting to your boss, your peers or potential clients.

Cost : $995 +GST (Zoom) or $1,150 +GST (In Person)
Location : Sydney / Melbourne / Zoom
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