Mutual Gain Negotiation in FMCG

Negotiations don’t have to be zero sum. Get better deals through win/win value creation.

Embracing mutual gain negotiating prioritises sustainable value creation, diverging from the antiquated win-lose mindset that ultimately erodes value and trust.


IFGM has partnered with Scotwork, the world leader in mutual gain negotiation skill development and advisory services, to bring this tailored workshop to the retail/FMCG sector. Over two intensive days, participants will experience Scotwork’s renowned case-based learning in small teams, negotiating typical FMCG supply chain and merchandise commercial scenarios.

Who Should Attend

Retailers, suppliers and producers in all food and grocery segments and other FMCG categories. The workshop is appropriate for anyone who has authority to negotiate or vary the terms of any arrangement.

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Key Dates

June (Melbourne) : 26 Jun - 27 June 2024

July (Sydney) : 2 Jul - 3 July 2024


Sydney / Melbourne / In-Company


2 days (non-residential)

Program Fee

$3,760 plus GST per person for open programs. Includes instruction and catering. Credit cards incur a 2% surcharge. Upon registration further communication will come through Scotwork. 

Please enquire for in-company programs. 

Key benefits

• Understand the CORE CONCEPTS of negotiation
• Understand the NEGOTIATING PROCESS and how to READ and CONTROL it
• Understand and practise the SKILLS & TECHNIQUES associated with the key phases of the NEGOTIATION PROCESS
• Use a COMMON negotiating LANGUAGE & PREPARATION process
• Improve the quality of the INFORMATION EXCHANGE
• Structure the OPENING EXCHANGES of a negotiation
• QUESTION & LISTEN effectively to UNDERSTAND the other party
• Trade and BARGAIN, how to put a price on demands
• Develop TRADING VARIABLES and use TIME effectively
• Use and respond to NEGOTIATING TACTICS
• Understand and use the skills of the different roles of the NEGOTIATOR